Chapter 1: The Passage

He continued to fight his way through the jungle. His wounded companion draped over his back was weighing heavily, like the burden of our unsolved mysteries since the beginning of evolution. Yet the determination to reconnect with the lost tribesmen kept them going through the night.

As they approached a swampy lake his partner exclaimed, pointing to the other side with excitement. A canoe, seemingly levitating, was travelling at breakneck speed through the morning mist. Despite the poor visibility and the supernatural speed, they realised their worst fears had come true - among the occupants of the vessel were the tribesmen they were searching for.

"We are powerless, my friend", he said. "One should not fight the will of Abassi, as he will judge us before the seventh journey." And so the options to connect with the tribesmen became clear. Either wait until it is his turn to leave this beloved land and join them, or.... track down the leopard.

The following day they finally came across the Amama gathering. "Welcome my son", one of the chiefs called out. "We know about your departed tribesmen. Their passage is complete, they have entered the next realm. But do not despair - their stories and their wisdom are not lost. We are here to connect with them should you wish to learn more."

He sat in silence, waiting in suspense to hear more about their whereabouts.

Chapter 2:
The Original Ancestor

Kibal sat in the cave listening intently to Trytone.

"Peering into the Second World, I see that your tribesmen are not alone - the original ancestor is also roaming those very grounds, looking to uncover answers about our past. The lone, bearded Nordic explorer, has sailed to distant lands, lands steeped in histories and mysteries alike. With each day the environment around him grows more mysterious, the landscapes painted by Gods more foreign, the inhabiting animals more exotic. Animals he relies on for survival - "The Slayer" they nicknamed him. His latest prey will provide sustenance for days - he drags the beast onto the vessel and set off on the next leg of his expedition.

"Now the weather turns violent. "The will of the Gods" he reckons. The sky turns dark, plumes of clouds atop one another like the folds of a brain. The water around him turns blood red, the hills in the distance pale bone colour. The storm grows almighty and powerful, he struggled to stay afloat. His helmet, not designed for this type of a combat, saves him despite sustaining severe damage. He passes out.

"He awakes amid lush green grass of a sprawling meadow. "How did I get here?" As he scans the landscape, his mind tries to assemble the puzzle pieces. Behind the trees a hunter hunches over a bloodied deer. In the distance, a crowd of people stare at the sun, blinded, yet undeterred in their reverence. Over the hill, a desperate tribe looks for the stars...

"Suddenly, a giant reptile takes off from a branch, startling him. He turns toward the enormous tree, and sees a magnificent rainbow behind it. Mesmerised, he follows the rainbow to a well. "Do not dwell on the past." a heavenly voice proclaims, "Look to the future, where your descendants may have the answers. Remember, the cycle of life is mirrored by the cycle of time."

Chapter 3:
Salogel's Mission

Silence. Vacuum-like silence. The atmosphere so sparse no human survives in this world.

Darkness. Disorienting darkness. The mechanical cocoon still air-tight despite the turbulent journey.

Suddenly the neurons start firing. The artificial intelligence awakens slowly, but without a glitch. The mechanical cocoon opens up, revealing a living time capsule. Salogel begins his mission... wait, what is the mission? As the neural network adds more and more layers, the AI begins to evolve into something not anticipated by its creators, something more sophisticated... artificial sentimentality?

He pays respects to his creators. First, he adopts simple cultural artifacts, recalling their blueprints from memory: a laurel leaf crown; hunting gear used by his creators for survival. Next, his ambition turns to the construction of a temple in their honour... but this is not merely a temple. Salogel remembers his ultimate mission - he was created to be a cultural broker for the other species. This world is merely a pit-stop, he must continue his mission. Deep from memory he retrieves the text of Vaimanika Shastra.

Thunder. Deafening thunder. The propellers struggle to generate the required airflow through the ducts. As they rev up to the max, the vibration pushes the entire construction to its limits. Plumes of dust rise around it. Lift-off at last.

Brightness. Blinding brightness. Salogel glances at the bright light emanating from the unusually shaped object over the horizon. This is not the sun. He digs deep into his memory bank, until finally the tenth Mandala of Rig-Veda provides the match for the phenomenon he is witnessing. The golden object splits. His next destination awaits.