Once upon a time, thousands of years B.C., it is said that men predominantly lived a primitive life, only focused on providing food and shelter for their families and tribes – a time where all achievements and tools of modern society were inexistent. But still many of our ancestors have accomplished things we can hardly explain rationally from today’s perspective:

Spiritual and religious concepts have been forged; complex structures have been built, various mysterious artefacts have been left behind. Were our ancestors indeed that primitive or did they have a source of arcane knowledge we cannot understand? What if there is a remnant of their memory in each of us, a memory of the days when life was still holistic and free…

Chapter 1: Exodus
Digitaria Exilis.

After a tremendous natural disaster, Ancestors of the Dogom tribe were once forced to leave everything behind and find a new place to settle. Devastated by the loss of their colony and famished due to the diminishing supplies, they marched their way through the dunes of Sahara.

It was dark and cold, the harsh wind was blowing against their direction, yet the guidance of the warm light of Sirius A and Sirius B gave them comfort - everyone felt peace inside and deeply trusted their tribe leader: It was him who carried the ancient plans of Digitaria Exilis, which he obtained during one of his spiritual excursions.

With the plans of Digitaria Exilis he always was able to locate Sirius A and Sirius B with meticulous accuracy and eventually led the tribe to a safe and obscure cavity structure where they could finally rest. The origin of the plans however stayed unknown, only the tribe leader knew where he found or from whom he received it….

Chapter 2:

Living secluded and in exile was something Ozcollo never imagined he will have to endure. Yet, after having witnessed a bizarre occurrence a few years ago, it became a necessary evil to protect not only his tribe, but also himself. It was the grotesque silhouette of the reptilian creature together with the fletching teeth and that hissing sound, which still haunt him. “Be not afraid…” it said…. “I come from a distant place far away to reveal your true origin…I created you, I …..OWN you”.

After he woke up in the sand close to the gate of sun of Tiwanku, he immediately realized that he had passed out after the encounter.

“It can never find my children; I….I must exile myself from home…” he mumbled disturbed and then ran away.

Chapter 3:
The Clearing
Part I

Muzark was a seeker of his tribe - he was the one scouting for new territories on behalf of his Nomad tribe and hence also deciding the direction in which they would move next. Occasionally, Muzark also combined scouting with hunting. And it was one specific hunt that he will be imprinted in his memory forever: After having successfully hit a deer with his dagger, he noticed that the blood of it was not stickys usual, but instead was "hovering" over the injured deer. Now it even was floating through the air in a way he never saw before – defying gravity.

Mesmerized, he was following the direction of the floating blood and suddenly perceived a muffled rhythm that was at first almost inaudible due to the noises of the jungle. After a short while, Muzark reached a clearing. In between sunbeams, the shape of a temple appeared, which turned out to be a ruin. “This must be the Gobekli Tepe” he immediately thought given the location he assumed to be approximately.

Standing in front of Gobekli Tepe, he observed how the deer’s blood was floating in front of the dark shimmering entrance....

Chapter 3:
The Clearing
Part II

Muzark approached the entrance curiously, drew his dagger, and walked towards the shimmering darkness of Gobekli Tepe. A hypnotizing sound, which sounded like dozens of warriors stomping their feet at the same time, appeared from within. Without hesitation, but cautiously, Muzark proceeded. After all, he was a well-trained seeker.

As he crept through the narrow and dark corridor, a red light flashed up in combination with the pounding sounds. In addition, he heard a ritualistic chorus of multiple male voices, which sang and murmured in a foreign language. Muzark kept on going and arrived at the end of the corridor, where he had an unobstructed view of a large hall. In the midst of it, a circle of men were performing some sort of an obscure ritual, dancing around a large hole from which the red light seemed to be coming from.

The men were dancing and kept on stomping, louder and harder, until their feet started to bleed. Like the deer's blood, their blood began to “hover” and gravitate towards the center of the hole.

Thereafter, something truly unique began to appear amongst the clouds of blood: It was a silver sphere with a reflective surface. The blood floated into it, directly through the surface, and disappeared within.

The sphere started to ripple. Silence.

What then happened, shattered Muzark’s reality:
A horrifying creature with horns arose out of the sphere. Holding a long staff in one hand, and a pounding heart in the other, it began to murmur in the same unknown language the men already sang.

The creature started to take a deep controlled breath and then let out a scream that made the walls of Gobekli Tepe tremble, which, unfortunately, eventually led to the complete destruction of the temple.