Once upon a time, thousands of years B.C., it is said that men predominantly lived a primitive life, only focused on providing food and shelter for their families and tribes – a time where all achievements and tools of modern society were inexistent. But still many of our ancestors have accomplished things we can hardly explain rationally from today’s perspective:

Spiritual and religious concepts have been forged; complex structures have been built, various mysterious artefacts have been left behind. Were our ancestors indeed that primitive or did they have a source of arcane knowledge we cannot understand? What if there is a remnant of their memory in each of us, a memory of the days when life was still holistic and free…

Join us on a digital journey to a forgotten era of our past, unsolved questions and mysteries elevating your imagination.


2021 - Q4


Showreel of the concept, art and lore.


Setting up website, Discord, Twitter. Whitelist offerings for partner projects.

2022 - Q1


After finishing up the hand-drawn Gen0 collection ''THE ANCESTORS'', phase one will heavily focus on community building and establishing a presence online.


- 100 Ancestors will be excavated on the solana blockchain.
- A part of the collection will be minted by whitelisted members of the community.
- The remaining NFTs will be put up for auction on Exchange.art.


We will continuously release our lore over all 3 quarters. Expect intriguing storylines alongside fun and exciting community tasks!

2022 - Q2

MINT of Gen1

- Gen1, ''The Descendants'', will come to life - a collection also drawn by FLUB◎SS
- Mint revenue of Gen1 pay out to Gen0 holders.
- Royalty revenue pay out to Gen0 holders.


On our staking platform you will be able to lock up your Gen1 in order to receive $DNA - our native ecosystem token. It will feature a unique level-up system that includes changes to the art itself as well as increased token rewards. Our $DNA token can be used to level up your Gen1, participate in automated raffles, buy merchandise and real life high quality prints. What will happen once you've reached max level? Stay tuned for a dedicated announcement explaining the exact tokenomics.

2022 - Q3


We aim to establish an all-encompassing NFT launch service for artists of all kinds who lack the necessary Web3 knowledge - the "Web3 Art Incubator". These services will include the creation of NFT collections in close collaboration with the artist, developing the mint-interface and the project's website, tokenomics, general marketing and setup of social media channels as well as legal advice in copyright/trademark matters and setting up license agreements.

Coming Soon


Thoughts and brainstorming surrounding Gen2 have already begun, expect a similar payout structure as the one features with our Gen1/Gen0 mint.


In the future, we intend to partner with top tier artists to expand our incubator service on a broader scale. Our main goal will be to tie the name ''Ancestors'' synonymously to the word ''blue-chip'', we will accomplish this with some of the highest quality art in the Solana ecosystem as well as providing long lasting value to our holders thus creating an amazing community filled with the perfect mix or art-connaisseurs and degens.